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Breath Work

Have you developed restricted and shallow breathing due to stress, anxiety, and life as you know it? Your ability to breathe deeply and fully is related to your physical, emotional, and energetic wellbeing. There is a saying that goes "as you breathe, so you become."  Through private one-on-one or group sessions, you will learn tools to connect to the healing power of the breath. I offer unique one-on-one guidance to tap into the autonomic nervous system by intercepting the "fight or flight" response with one of peace and calm. Breath testing along with breathing exercises, music, and movement, are explored to assist you in regaining a full breath and thereby reclaiming your health.

VIRTUAL: $77 -  (1) one hour session $377 - (5) one hour sessions

IN-PERSON: $107 -  (1) one hour session $507 - (5) one hour sessions

* Contact me for group rates or workshops

Let’s connect for a 15 minute no cost discovery session to explore further!

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